Thursday, September 08, 2005

Welcome to the Fashion Critic blog.

My goal is to create a blog that will examine and comment on fashion in general and on its cultural underpinnings. Fashion has a unique position because it stands at the intersection of art, utility, and commerce. The purpose of this blog is to explore all three sides. I have a great amount of experience and knowledge in that field, so I trust that you'll find a lot of interesting and new information here. I will post about my views on fashion, about my favorite and non-favorite designers, about fashion-related books and art exhibitions, about interesting stores I've come across, about fashion news, and so forth. I will try to do this in a critical and objective manner. However, I'm just a human, and I am bound to express my feelings, failry or not. To give you an indication of what this blog will be like - if you are a fan of the Japanese and Belgian fashion - you will feel right at home here.

Now for what this blog is not. I am not a fan of most mainstream designers and celebrities who exploit fashion solely for their own material benefit. I think they are a disease. So, you will not see me praising Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford here. This is also not a blog where you will see the latest Paris Hilton-like fashion pictures.

I will try to post at least once a week, but hopefully more often. Stay tuned and I hope you will enjoy it.


Fashion Critic


Blogger Shaiful said...

You're really in Paris attending the Fashion Week? Wow, that's great. I wish I could be there as well. Do visit my blog too okay!

4:57 AM  
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