Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The one to have… Martin Margiela classic leather biker jacket.

Time and again I have come across people asking, “If you were to choose one garment from this or that category, what would it be?” These questions gave me an idea to post from time to time “the one to have” entries, where I will profile garments that I would give top priority in my closet. My first entry is the classic Margiela leather biker jacket. The reason why I use the word classic is two-fold. First, the design is a classic one – minimalist, easy on the eye, one that will probably not go out of style for a long time (if ever). Second, it is because Margiela must be of the same opinion, because he produces these jackets in a variety of leathers (I’ve seen them in shiny hide, distressed leather, and suede) and colors. Here is a picture of one in cream color and one in black. The two chunky side zippers hide two pockets on each side -- there are also two internal pockets and a chunky zipper at the end of each sleeve.

So, yes - if you were to buy one leather jacket - get that one, and trust me - it will turn heads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I own one of these leather jackets by Margiela and I love it!!! I get many compliments on this piece. Its definatley a piece to have in ones wardrobe!

8:57 PM  
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1:09 PM  
Anonymous Leather Jacket For Sale said...

nice post love it

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. I have had mine since 2001 and it has travelled the World with me, I'm whipping it out again tonight!

11:10 PM  

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