Friday, August 18, 2006


I meant to post this a while ago. In the link below is the coolest video of a fashion show staged in Milan by Carol Christian Poell. It's another testament to Carol's genius. I believe that show was for the F/W 05 collection, but I am not 100% sure. It was called "Mainstream - Downstream." I think what Carol was trying to say is that it's high time we flushed the dull mainstream "fashion" down the toilet, or, to be more poetic, let it go down a steam of water, into the ocean, far far away. Amen.



Blogger Andrew said...

I think you can just say "down the toilet." Everyone gets it. Simple. Classic. Go with it...
To Love, Honor and Dismay

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Drexl said...

Mainstream/Downstream is actually spring-summer 2004 (yeah, I guess Mr. Poell needs to update his webpage).

7:32 PM  
Blogger Jing said...

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Hope all is well!

6:24 PM  
Blogger santa mistura said...

i has lauchn this video have few months ago via JCreport.... but i donĀ“t was understand when it was produced

2:21 AM  
Anonymous lex said...

I hope the garments are all 'water proof' !

4:14 AM  
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