Wednesday, January 03, 2007


If you are looking for a good fashion book for yourself or as a present, check out Sample: 100 Fashion Designers - 010 Curators - Cuttings From Contemporary Fashion. Never mind the winding academic title - it's a wonderful, informative, and well-edited book. The curators are a bit skewed (Alexander McQueen picks only British designers, for example), but the selection is decent nonetheless. There are some cool blurbs on Carol Christian Poell, Shaun Leane, etc. It was just released in paperback, and for under $30 it's just about the best fashion book one can own. And in case you feel like splurging, I suggest the hardcover version (that's the one I own) - after all, it did not get the I.D. magazine honorable mention in graphics (2006) for nothing.

soft cover

hard cover

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