Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ostentatious Display of Flashy Showiness - Sucks Fifth Avenue Edition

In the "do we really need this?" category, Saks flagship store (and the only one on Fifth Ave.) is expanding their womens shoe salon the length of an entire floor. To add insult to injury, the shoe salon is getting its own zipcode, 10022-SHOE. Saks has long ago descended from a sophisticated luxury shopping destination to an emporium where bridge and tunnels teenagers buying Juicy mix with Eurotrash gigolos and Latin American politicians' trophy wives. Once the loopy, but moneyed UES old guard dies off, Saks will take another hit courtesy of the department stores that get it right. The shoe salon zip code thing only adds to the kitsch factor. I see Saks becoming the next Bloomies - a pseudo-luxury store that is really in the business of peddling overpriced mediocrity. Next move - I envision a SoHo outpost.
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