Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Like It Haute

Ok, so I for once I could not refuse the cheesy/cute title that makes the likes of Wallpaper famous. Sorry. What I want to tell you about is a niche brand by the name of Haute. I have followed the brand and its designer Vincenzo de Cotiis for a while now - the guy is good. De Cotiis is an architect and an interior designer before he is a fashion designer, and his love for tinkering with raw materials can be seen in both his architectural work (as in hotel Straf - I stayed there, highly recommended) and in his designs. De Cotiis pays a lot of attention to fabrics, and they are of highest quality. His garments are produced in small quantities with emphasis on workmanship and finishing. Unlike most designers these days, he cuts no corners. At first sight many of his designs are quite conventional, but the devil is in the details, or the proof is in the pudding - you have to sell your soul and taste it for yourself. And now, without further ado, the best (IMHO) Milan menswear collection of FW08/09.

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