Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The one to have… Ann Demeulemeester combat boots.

Here is another entry that showcases the one item I would want to own from a vast variety of what's out there (and I'm glad to say I do own it). These combat boots are my most favorite boots ever. Ann first showed them in F/W 2003 “Twilight” collection. They were made famous (for better or worse) when Nicole Kidman wore them throughout the entire 20 page photo shoot in the September 2003 issue of Vogue. They became so popular, that Ann reintroduced them again a year later. These unisex boots are made of supple buffalo leather that wrinkles and beautifully ages with wear. There is a faux lacing in front, and a functioning zipper on each side of the boot, so they open easily. There is also a strap with a buckle and two flaps that close with snaps. This gives one a variety of ways in which to wear them. I wear mine with both zippers undone up until where they meet the buckled strap, and with laces loosened. Ann once said that she wants to cut nonchalance into her clothes, and I think that a nonchalant way of wearing these boots is the way to go. So, if you were planning to buy that one pair of boots - you might want to consider these - they still pop up on Ebay once in a blue moon.

Oh, and I would like to publicly thank my wonderful wife for giving them to me as a present.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shaun Leane Jewelry

I am usually not a fan of jewelry, and especially not on men. I never wear any, because I can’t shake off this slight feeling of pretension or of trying too hard when wearing jewelry. But one man impresses me with his precious creations. His name is Shaun Leane. I find that his mind is just in another universe – full of fantasy and a fairy tales that can be either creepy or romantic… or creepily romantic. Shaun is perhaps best famous for his lasting collaboration with Alexander McQueen – for whose runway show he’s provided phantasmagoric jewelry such as spears that look like they pierced the model’s body, vines that seem to grow around the torso, a crown of thorns, or a bodice made of coiled sterling silver. The sky is the limit for this guy.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The one to have… Martin Margiela classic leather biker jacket.

Time and again I have come across people asking, “If you were to choose one garment from this or that category, what would it be?” These questions gave me an idea to post from time to time “the one to have” entries, where I will profile garments that I would give top priority in my closet. My first entry is the classic Margiela leather biker jacket. The reason why I use the word classic is two-fold. First, the design is a classic one – minimalist, easy on the eye, one that will probably not go out of style for a long time (if ever). Second, it is because Margiela must be of the same opinion, because he produces these jackets in a variety of leathers (I’ve seen them in shiny hide, distressed leather, and suede) and colors. Here is a picture of one in cream color and one in black. The two chunky side zippers hide two pockets on each side -- there are also two internal pockets and a chunky zipper at the end of each sleeve.

So, yes - if you were to buy one leather jacket - get that one, and trust me - it will turn heads.

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